About Us

At California Produce we understand the basics of Yield, Quality, and Service. Elements often forgotten in today’s business world. This is a formula that has been a successful foundation of our family owned and operated business since 1947.

Our Mission

The mission of California Produce is to consistently deliver the best seasonally available product to our customers with the same passion they have for their work, on time, at the best competitive rate, backed by detail managed service, and our honest commitment as your partner to deliver what we promise.

Our Sources

We source daily the top quality produce from local farms and reach out to major growers in the global marketplace as well. Our buyers are in the L.A. market 6 nights weekly hands on and have the ability to select to specific customer profiles as well as support our high standard of quality.


We are located minutes away from the largest produce market in the U.S. If it is in season we have the access to deliver most items market fresh next day. We have established relationships with key market suppliers offering top quality and access to the best of the best.

who we serve

We provide customized service to independent restaurants, regional chains, hotels, resorts, casinos, catering and three star Michelin Chef’s ranging all levels of service catering to those who understand and demand not only the best product but the best product delivered at the best price.


Los Angeles, CA -- San Diego, CA -- Santa Barbara, CA -- Palm Springs, CA – Las Vegas, NV


Monday – Saturday with Customer Service available on Sunday.


President Alex Pappas - alex@calprowhls.com Sales Multi-Unit - alex@calprowhls.com
Sales Los Angeles - pericles@calprowhls.com Sales San Diego - customerservice@calprowhls.com
Sales Santa Barbara - alex@calprowhls.com Sales Palm Springs - philippe@calprowhls.com
General - customerservice@calprowhls.com

California Produce Wholesalers 6818 Watcher St. Commerce, CA 90040

Customer Service 1 800 460 9193    |   Fax 562 928 3090